Outdoor Clocks – A Great Addition to Any Patio

Clocks today are not just for telling time. More and more people are incorporating them into the design scheme of their homes, and not just the inside of their homes either, outdoors as well.

Outdoor clocks are becoming ever more popular as people extend their living spaces to include open patios. Outdoor clocks come in a multitude of designs, shapes, colors and styles, to match any outdoor decor. There are so many designs and styles that you may actually find it difficult to decide just which one you want.

Today’s clocks are beautifully made with extravagant artistic designs and beautiful colors. Depending on the type you purchase, an out door clock is capable of taking center stage just as much as a beautiful painting can. Of course you can purchase an inexpensive one as well. In fact, prices range from the extraordinarily cheap to the extraordinarily expensive.

Most out door clocks run on batteries so you will not find an ugly cord hanging down the wall of your patio. Even with just a few batteries, these clocks will tick for a long time before having to change the batteries again.

Outdoor clocks are made of different materials such as plastic, wood and different metals. If your patio is of a more contemporary design, perhaps a metal type of material might be right for you. If you have a country home, you may prefer one made of wood. The choices are endless.

Who knew that designing and decorating a patio would include an outdoor clock?

Outdoor Patio Clocks – All Kinds of Uses

A clock for the outdoors has all the advantages of an indoor-clock and is even more useful. They are every bit the decorating center piece of an indoor-clock only they can be useful in more places, and come with additional functionality not often found in an indoor clock. Outdoor-clocks make an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys being outdoors.

We are all familiar with the indoor wall-clock as decorative and useful addition to virtual any room in our homes and offices. What we may not realize is that clocks make great outdoor decorative pieces too. The minimum requirement for a worthy clock is that it is weather proof, or at least water resistant. Water resistant clocks are better suited to dryer climates, or on a sheltered patio. If you live in a climate like the Northwestern United states, or the UK you will want to have a fully water proof weather resistant outdoor-clock. They are not hard to find.

Why stop at weather proof time pieces? Your clock is already going to live a life keeping your time outside, why not have it do more? For starters you can have clock with thermometer. Now, outdoor-clocks are in a position to be a more useful multi-tool device. Don’t stop there, you can get even more bang for your money. Outdoor clocks are available with thermometers, barometers and some even forecast the weather like the Oregon scientific tht312 wired indoor outdoor thermometer time piece

These outdoor clocks are an interesting and unique gift for the outdoorsmen and people who are active outdoors. They are useful when placed out in your work shed, your patio, or your garage. A nautical design is useful and ads a nice decorative touch to any boat. If you know someone who owns a boat a nautical wall-clocks makes an awesome gift. Don’t forget about poolside wall-clocks. A nice back lit weather proof clock can really add a decorative accent to your backyard pool. The possibilities for these large weather proof time pieces are endless.

5 Tips to Enhance Your Garden and Patio

A garden and patio are together one of the most crucial contributors to a beautiful home. Possessing a beautiful Garden & Patio is a matter of pride and a luxury for the owner. Regardless of the area, a patio and a garden can be done up beautifully, by picking the right kind of furniture and décor pieces. The following tips will help one make the right decisions while doing up the Garden and Patio for their home.

1. Purpose: It is very important to have a purpose while designing your garden and patio. ‘What is it going to be used for?’ is a question every home owner should ask themselves before getting their Garden and Patio set up. It is important to understand if the Garden & Patio are to be used to entertain guests or to relax and unwind. Some outdoor spaces are also used as entertainment centers and full outdoor kitchens. Once the purpose is clear it is easy to decide upon the theme and the décor for the areas.

2. Accessories: A well defined purpose plays an important role in deciding upon the theme for your outdoor areas. If your garden/patio is to be used purely for the purpose of entertaining guests, then Gas Barbecues would be an invaluable addition to the outdoor area. A Coal barbecue is also a good addition; however, maintenance is tedious since coal is a difficult substance to clean. It would always be advisable to go for a Gas Barbecue with a Barbecue Cover so that maintenance at any given time is not an issue. Bistro Sets are an excellent addition to any outdoor area, especially when holding parties and entertaining guests are a frequent norm. Other accessories that can be used to decorate the garden include fountains, bust planter and water-falls.

3. Patio & Garden Flooring: A Patio and Garden reflect the owner’s taste and individuality. An artistically done up patio and garden can fetch the owner compliments from their guests, along with a comfortable environ to spend time in. A whole variety of flooring options are available in the market these days such as paver blocks, bricks, wood, concrete, grass, tiles and more. Picking warm flooring on the basis of its purpose and usage is essential for a well done Garden/Patio. This has to be in accordance with the theme chosen for the garden and patio such that all elements blend together to deliver a classic feel to the outdoor space.

4. Furniture: Although a crucial element in every garden and patio it is one of the most underplayed features in an outdoor space. Outdoor Garden Furniture give the home owner maximum flexibility in changing the look and feel while retaining the freedom to experiment with the outdoors. For the Patio and Conservatory, Cane furniture is an excellent choice. Cane furniture is durable and light weight offering ease of maintenance. A recent trend in case of Patio furniture is Textoline Patio Furniture, since they offer style and comfort at exceptional value. Cushions are becoming popular as an accessory to seat people in the garden. Garden Cushions as they are popularly known come in different forms, customized for all furniture. Garden Bench Cushions, Hammock cushions, sun-lounger cushions, etc. come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your budget. If budget is an issue, it would be advisable to invest in one cushion for one kind of furniture while the rest are re-used on the others.

5. Parasols and Gazebos: Garden Parasols are an excellent addition to any Outdoor space. One of the best ways for people to enjoy the outdoors while sitting in the shade, garden parasol provides cool comfort for the owner while sitting in the sun. Ideal for an individual enjoys the outdoors with a cup of coffee/ a book in one hand while listening to some music and unwinding in the pleasant environs; popup gazebos are a value addition to every modern day garden. A garden gazebo is often confused with a party tent which is a bigger version of the gazebo and can be used in places where space is not a constraint.

Keep the above points in mind to ensure your outdoor space has order, balance and proportion while retaining the harmony and flow of air and sunlight. Plan your garden carefully and make it attractive. If required, consult with a home improvement center or an interior decorator for further ideas.