Natural Gravels for Driveways

There’s no second chance to make a first impression.

If your driveway is pitted, litter strewn and weed laden, it’s time to improve this important feature. Kerb appeal is not just a buzz-word, it’s a way that visitors assess your property, professional or domestic, and from this, they make a judgement about you.

We’re all busy with a to-do list that’s surprisingly always long but it only takes a few hours to a weekend to make a driveway attractive again after months of inattention.


One of the simplest and least expensive options for a quick driveway makeover is gravel. It’s natural, textured, shaped, stylish and pocket friendly. Gravel suppliers have local products and those from further afield in all colours, sizes and with the essential wow factor. There’s the satisfying crunch to enjoy too.

Driveway gravel is low maintenance and it must be robust enough to bear vehicle and pedestrian weight without crumbling. At leading gravel suppliers like Rivar Sand and Gravel, their expert team can direct you to the right product for your needs, at the best prices and they’ll help you to calculate the amount of driveway gravel that you require for installation, and future top-ups. The gravel should come from the same batch to maintain colour continuity.

Please bear in mind that if you choose to wait and make a purchase for top up gravel at a later stage, these chippings may look slightly different as they were quarried at another spot and occasion.

From the local buff-yellow South Cerney Gravel and Thames Valley flint black and white Moonstone to Green Basalt and Grey Limestone gravels, there is a driveway gravel to meet any design scheme.

20mm gravels are less prone to compaction so aim for these rather than smaller sizes. The larger gravel boasts a natural safety feature, that ice, snow and frost cannot form a sheen over the gravels facets to make a slippery surface so walking and driving is safer and a lot more enjoyable.

Gravel suppliers can talk you through the installation process, advise you about aggregates, gravel frameworks, edging and weed membrane. The attention to detail at the start of a project increases kerb appeal and reduces maintenance tasks.  Perfect.

They’ll deliver your order to site at your convenience or, in most instances, purchases can be taken away if you want to set to work immediately.

South Cerney Gravel:

  • 20-5mm locally quarried gravel.
  • Buff-yellow, semi rounded traditional elegant chippings.
  • A gravel suppliers and customer favourite.
  • Functional and versatile.
  • Available in gravel bulk bags, half bulk bags or loose.

Green Basalt

  • Outstanding quality and performance 20mm driveway gravel.
  • Rich coloured angular robust chips.
  • Versatile and stylish.
  • Available in 25kg bags and 900kg gravel bulk bags.

Moonstone Gravel: 

  • Comprised of Thames Valley Flint.
  • Black, white, brown and grey 20mm angular gravel.
  • The 10mm alternative features less brown and is less suitable as a driveway gravel.
  • Favours sophisticated, monochrome schemes.
  • Available in gravel bulk bags, half bulk bags or loose.

Treat your driveway to some well-deserved TLC.

Ideas For Creating a Beautiful Summer Patio

Patios offer a great place to create a warm, welcoming area to invite friends and family. The materials most often used for patio foundations are stone, cement, brick and wood. A really great way to get an inexpensive look that appears to be stone but is created with cement is with a stamp. While the cement is wet a stamp that comes in various patterns is stamped on the cement. This can also be done on cement that is tinted so the final product looks like pink stone or grey marble. This can be done professionally or by the home owner with a stamp purchased at a supply store such as Home Depot.

Patios can be decorated with lots of greenery and plants. The first step to creating a great patio is adding lots of flowers and greenery. Set a budget for your patio greenery and head out to the local nursery. Choose a variety of annuals such Geraniums, Coleus, Zinnias, Petunias. Add a few patio trees as well for greenery and beauty. A budget is important also so that you do not use a huge chunk of your overall budget on flowers and greenery and not have the funds left that are needed for furniture etc.

Furniture should be comfortable and easy to care for. Consider high winds and rain and be prepared to store or purchase covers for the seats so that they can be kept dry in inclement weather. An ambiance can be created by using patio fire pits. These pits come in a variety of styles and shapes. They are a great center piece for patio furniture. They can create a style that blends or have a unique look that stands out. They even come as fire pit tables. Solar powered fountains and lighting are also great ideas for patios. Driving around various neighborhoods can give you great ideas for patios. Searching online as well as looking through magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens is a good resource of ideas for patios.

Another great idea for patios is insect repellant. There are a variety of machines that repel mosquitoes. They work through misting and also through other means. Machine works in various ranges so check to see if it is strong enough to work for your entire patio area. Here is an idea for getting rid of the little villains: place Listerine in a small spray bottle and spray around the furniture and the swing or any other garden furniture that you may have.

Quality Patio Furniture – Building Your Retreat

Many people view outdoor living as an integral part of their lives rather than something to engage in only when people are visiting. Even in areas where the climate precludes all-year patio living, making the use of all available outdoor time is viewed as important for relaxation and entertainment. For those people, patio furniture and accessories become sought after items which require careful selection for price, quality and decorative attributes.

Patio furniture and accessories are now available in more styles and price ranges than ever before. From the extensive collections by Windham or Winston to simpler wicker and wrought iron models available even in discount centers, the variety of styles available is astounding. Even teak, famous as sailboat building material because of its durability, is available. Beyond the selections of furniture, propane fireplaces and other related accessories help to create a mood and extend the best seasons.

When selecting patio furniture and accessories, consider the climate and intended uses of the furniture. With such a wide variety of pieces available, picking furniture and accessories appropriate for local conditions should be easily accomplished. Materials like cast aluminum will stand up to almost any conditions, while wicker and rattan will show wear quickly when exposed directly to the elements. In areas of harsh sunlight, brightly colored cushions may fade rapidly. If used in a sheltered area, most exterior furniture will last for many years, but when left in direct sun for long periods, deterioration should be anticipated. Paints and fabrics used for frames and cushions simply can not stand up to consistently poor weather conditions.

Because of the rugged construction of better quality patio furniture and accessories, even restaurants are commonly using it to furnish their indoor and outdoor dining areas. When compared to the hard use in restaurants, furniture used on home patios will rarely duplicate the level of abuse seen in commercial applications. Put in simple terms, when a homeowner elects to purchase better quality outdoor furniture that furniture should be around for many years. Of course cushion covers should be expected to deteriorate faster than frames. Even those covers will last for a long time when quality materials have been used in the production of the cushions. Patio furnishings should help to add a finishing touch to the over-all decoration of the home and offer a wonderful place to retreat.